Name: Niujian-ke
Date of Birth: December,1959
?Jul.1987 Philosophy Department of Shandong University, Master’s Degree,
Major: Philosophy
Sep.1984-Jul.1984 Philosophy Department of Shandong University ,Bachelor’s Degree,
Specialty:Japanese Philosophy ,Religion
Work Experience:
Ever been assistant-professor, lecturer, associate professor
?until now?in Philosophy
Department of Shandong University
1996 Japan Rikkyo University, Grant Researcher
Sep.1994-Aug.1995 Study of Japan Institute, Beijing, Visiting Researcher
Published Works:
?Published only in Chinese?
Books?in Collaboration with others?:
Dictionary of World’s Philosopher
Chongqing People Press Aug.1990
Communication and Comparison between Chinese and Japanese Philosophy
Qingdao Ocean University Press Jan.1991
Dictionary of Affairs of Japanese and Chinese Culture Communication
Liaoning Education Press Sep.1992
Treasure-house of Oriental Thoughts
Jilin People Press Oct.1994
Encyclopedia of Value’s Studies
Renmin University of China Press Apr.1995

Sense of Ideological History of Japanese Failure in World war
»in «Foreign Problem Research»No.2,1986
the Importation ?Mix and Creating Unique Ones of Philosophy during Meiji Period» in «Foreign Problem Research»No.4, 1989
Japan has its own Philosophy»in «Journal of Shandong University»No.1,1990
A Trial Analysis of Ogiusorai’s theory of Doo»in «Japanese Research»No.2,1991
Kozaiyosisige»in «Annual of world’s Philosophy »Vol.1988?1990
Andoo Shooeki’s Criticism of Buddhism »in «Journal of Shandong University»No.2,1992
A Trial Comment on the Three Characteristics of Meiji Philosophy»in «Oriental Philosophy Research»No.5,1993
A Trial Comment on Fukuzawayokichi’s Point of View of Civilization»in «Journal of Inner Mongolia Industrial University»No.1,1996
Wangyang-ming and Japan»in «Zhejiang Academic Journal»No.3,1996
Zen and Nishida’s Philosophy»?in Japanese?in «Study of Japan Research»No.6 Economic Science Press Jul.1997
Now working as one of the chief-editors of the series of
«Japanese Doo Culture»and writing one volume of them «Japanese Bushidoo»
Japanese Philosophy Institute, China
Japanese Philosophy Institute, China
Address:Japanese Studies Center , Shandong University, China