NAME: Qiao You Mei
SEX: Female
DATE OF BIRTH: Mar. 1935
Faculty of history, Shandong University, China.(July, 1957)
Director of Japanese Research Center of Shandong University.
Director of Shandong Development Research Center in 21 Century of Shandong University.
Vice-director of History-teaching Instructive Committee of Chinese Ministry of Education.
Vice-director of China Research Association History of Song.
Vice-director of Shandong Association of Japanese Study.
MAJOR: Chinese Ancient History.
1.[The Economic History of Liao, Xia and Jin] (with Professor Qi Xia) published by the Hebei University Press in 1994 and revised in 1998
2.[A Study of the Economic History of Song, Xia and Jin] published by the Qilu Shushe Press in 1995
3.[A Study of Shandong Social and Economic Development in 21 Century](as chief editor) published by the Shandong University Press in 1996
4.[The Strategy for Provincial Development] (as chief editor) published by the Shandong People??s Press in March 1997
5.[The Strategy for Municipal Development] (as chief editor) published by the Shandong People??s Press in June 1998
[The Struggle for Copper Coin in Song-Jin Trade] published in HISTORY STUDY in the fourth issue of 1982
[Evolution of Currency System of Jin Dynasty and the Effects on its Social Economy] published in the 3rd issue of STUDY OF CHINESE HISTORY.
[Land Possession of Meng An Mouke in Central China and the Uprising of Red-Clothed Army] published in the 4th volume of SELECTED WORKS ON THE HISTORY OF CHINESE PEASANTS UPRISING in 1985
[Development of High-interest Rate Loan in Song and Yuan Dynasties] published in the 3rd issue of CHINA SOCIAL SCIENCE in 1988
[An Investigation of the Money Shortage from Middle Tang Dynasty to the North Song Dynasty] published in 2nd issue of HISTORY STUDY in 1990
[On the Money Shortage of South Song Dynasty] published in May 1991 by the Hebei University Press in SELECTED WORKS ON THE SYMPOSIUM OF SINO-JAPANESE JOINT RESEARCH OF SONG DYNASTY.
[On the Relationship Between Price and Currency in Song Dynasty] published in the 1st issue of STUDY OF CHINA ECONOMIC HISTORY in 1992
[On the Evolution of Nuzhen Slavery] published in the 5th issue of CULTURE, HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY in 1992
[On the Patriarch Feudal System of Dang Xiang] published in the 2nd issue of YANTAI UNIVERSITY JOURNAL in 1994
[ On the Formation of North-west Market in Song Dynasty] published by the Hebei Education Press in Feb. 1997
[On the Livestock Farming of Jin Dynasty] published in the 3rd issue of SHANDONG UNIVERSITY JOURNAL in 1997
China association of the history of Song Dynasty
Shandong association of Japanese study
ADDRESS: Research Center of Development of Shandong in 21 Century, Shandong University, Jinan, China.
Post Code: 250100