The Research Station for Post-doctorate Study on Biology

The discipline of life sciences at Shandong University has achieved great successes in its long history. The Department of Biology was extablished in 1928. Two academicians of Academia Sinica, famous professors Tong Dizhou (experimental embryologist) and Zeng Chengkui (ocean giologist) had been chairs of the Department successively. Among the early graduates were famous professors Zhang Zhiyi (zoologist) and Zhuang Xiaohui (cell biologist), who are now academicians of Academia Sinica. In order to make further advances in life sciences, the former Department of Biology and Department of Microbiology joined to form the College of life Sciences in 1996. Subordinated to the College are Department of Biology and Biotechnology, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Department of Microgiology and Microbial Technology, and Department of Medicine Biotechnology (now under way). The College has two research institutes: Institute of Microbiology and Institute of Developmental Biology. The State Key Laboratory of Microbial Technology and The Province Key Laboratory of Development Mechanism and Gene Regulation are also attached to the College.

The College offers Ph.D. in 2 fields: Microbiology and Developmental Biology. The research station was set up in 1991 for post-doctorate studies on life sciences.

Microbiology of Shandong University is the state key subject in P.R.China. Its academic leader Professor Wang Zunong is the famous microbiologist and the founder of research on cellulolytic microorganisms and autotrophic bacteria in China. Now, main specialists are: Ph. D. tutors Professor Wang Zunong, Gao Peiji, Qian Xinmin, Qu Yinbo, Zhang Changkai and Ma Guirong; Professor Liu Fuijin, Song Guijing and Xu Ping et al. Main Research fields are : microbial physiology and metabolic control, microbial technology, genetics and molecular microbiology, resource and environmental microbiology. Systematic researches on microbial degradation of ligno-cellulosics and autotrphs have already been carried out for long time. Since 1991, 56 state and provincial or ministerial projects were carried out. More than 300 papers were published. 16 provincial or ministerial prizes have been won. The researches on conversion of cellulosic was tes by microorganisms into proteinous fodder and applications of cellulase preparation are very comprehensive, some of which has been put into production. In the aspects of construction of engineering strains with special functions, such as the gene-transfer system of obligate autotrophic and extremely acidophilic Thiobacillus and bio-mining strains with heterogeneous arsenic resistance genes, good results have been achieved and reported first in the world. So, the research system with its own characteristics has been formed.

Developmental Biology in Shandong University is the sole speciality in Chinese universities that can offer Ph.D. in this field. Now, main specialists are: Ph.D. tutors Professor Huang Zhe, Zhang Hongwei and Zuo Jiake(concurrent post); Professor Bai Zengliang, Xia Guangmin et al. Main research fields are: animal development and cell differentiation, developmental immunology, plant cell and gene engineering. Since 1991, 26 research projects including 12 state projects have been undertaken. More than 100 papers were published. Seven achievements won provincial or ministerial prizes. The research on the gene- transfer wheat resisting barley yellow dwarf virus, cooperated wity Chinese Academy of Agriculture, has been successfully carried out, and was reported as ons of the ten greatest international scientific news in 1995 by Xinhua News Agency.

Since the Station was established in 1991, 7 postdoctores have been worded here. Now, 4 postdoctores are working in the Station. The Station can accept 3-4 postdoctoral researchers annually. The University can offer two- room house for their daily life and offer good condition for their research. Their family can company with them and their children can go to school nearby.

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