The Post-doctoral Training Center in Mathematics

The School of Mathematics and System Science at Shandong University was founded in 1996 and developed on the basis of the former Department of Mathematics. In the School, there are five departments: the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Statistics, the Department of Information Science and Control Engineering, the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computing Engineering, and three institutes: the Institute of Mathematics, the Laboratory of Scientific and Engineeing Computing (a major laboratory in Shandong), and the Research Center of Financial Mathematics and Engineering. The Postdoctoral Training Center, founded in 1995, offers postdoctoral positions in four disciplines for doctorate and master's graduates: Pure Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Operation Research and Control Theory, Applied Mathematics.

The School has gained domestic and international renown in both advanced scientific research and teaching for great achievements contributed by generations in the school. The faculty are well organized and academically strong. There are 23 full professors supervising doctorate students in many fields such as Number Theory, Functional Analysis, Topology, Differential Equations, Complex Analsis, Scientific and Engineering Computing, Applied Simulation Software in Science and Engineering, Control Science, Financial Mathematics, Operation Research and Applications, Biomedical Fluid Mechanics and Applications. One of the Faculty, Professor Pan Chengdong, the President of Shandong University, has elected to membership of the Chinese National Academy of Science. Many others of them are renowned senior mathematicians such as Guo Dajun, Yuan Yirang, Xie Litong, Sun Nazheng, Xu Mingyu, and middleaged and young professors: Peng Shige, Yi Hongxun, Liu Guizhen, Zhan Tao, and Yang Danping.

Since 1987, 70 national-level research programs have been fulfilled. Today, 31 such programs, with various grants of a total of 4 million yuan, are in progress. Many prizes and honors, such as the National Prizes of Natural Sciences, First Class (to Pan Chengdong), Second Class (to Peng Shige), Prizes of Science and Technology Progress of Shandong Province, Prizes of the Chinese Educational Committee, have been awarded in recent years to members of the School. Moreover, since 1992, 19 monographs and 22 textbooks in mathematics have been published, and more than 140 academic papers or articles have been published in many prestigious journals in the world.

The departments in our school maintain a large and diverse array of computing facilities, a library of mathematics and computer books and journals in a brand new two-story building, a modern audio studio for training of foreign languages. For post-doctors, special two-bedroom apartments will be provided by the university. The spouse will be transferred at the same time on requeset. Day-care and schooling will preferentially be arranged whenever needed. Every effort is made to provide an excellen environment of learning and doing research under high-level instruction in advanced mathematical and computer method for people learning or working in mathematics, applied mathematics, business and industry. New doctors, from China or other countries, are welcome to our Postdoctoral Training Center. Apply today!

Applicants should request information from:
Ms. Xu Chunxiao, School of Mathematics and System Science
Shandong University, Jinan ,Shandong Province
250100, People's Republic of China
Tel. 0086-531-8564652
Fax: 0086-531-8902167