Prof. Deng Conghao
Prof. Deng Conghao, a theoretical chemist, was born in Jiangxi on Oct. 10, 1920. Prof. Deng is a supervisor for Ph.D. students. Prof. Deng graduated from Xiamen University in 1945. He was the 5th president of SU. Now he is a member of Chinese Chemical Society, Honorary Director of Shandong Laser Society, Vice Editor-in-chief of Journal of Molecular Science, member of the editorial board of Chemistry Journal in Universities and Colleges and Journal of Chemical Physics.

Prof. Deng has achieved great successes in fields of Ligand Fields Theory, Electron Correlation Theory and Molecular Dynamics Theory. He defined the coupling coefficients from rotation group to point group, developed a modified Hartree-Fock-Roothaan equation including the electron correlation effect, rebuilt the formulas of transition state theory in a more rigorous foundation and suggested a new method to resolve the Schrodinger equation for an atom or molecule, in terms of hyperspherical coordinate. He has published in reputed journals over 170 research papers and two monographic works. He has won a first class National Natural Science Prize in 1981, three second class prizes of Scientific and Technological Progress Award by the State Education Commission, and two first-class prizes for excellent research papers in natural science in Shandong Province. He was selected the national Model Teacher and national Advanced Worker in Science and Technology in 1989, and National Model Worker in 1995.

In 1993, Prof. Deng was chosen as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(Chemistry Division).