Post-Doctoral Mobile Station of Shandong University

Shandong University has three post-doctoral mobile stations of Physics,biology and mathematics respectively,where there are 13 post-doctoral candidates including one from the United States of America and one from China who got his doctorate abroad.

The University has a beatiful and well-maintained,cultured enviroment, satisfactory experimental instruments and equipment for teaching and research.

For each of those who provides a two-bedroom-and-one living room apartment.Attached to the university there are a kindergaten, an elementary school and a middle school where children are taken good care of and taught by experienced teachers.The university creates favorable conditions and offers an adequate outlay for scientific research.

All mentioned above makes Shandong Univeristy an ideal place for you to scale the peak of science and give full play to your talent.Foreign as well as Chinese yong doctors who have recently got degrees are warmly welcome to the post-doctoral mobile stations of Shandong University.

Graduate School,Shandong University
No. 27 Shanda South Road,Jinan,Shandong
250100,Peoples's Republic of China

Liaison Person:Wei Baotang


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