tp.jpg (7439 bytes)Admission Categories and Requirements

Foreign students may apply to Shandong University under one of the admission categories specified in the table below.


Admission category

Duration of study



Advanced studies of Chinese language

1 to 2 years Under 18 years of age; high school diploma


General advanced studies

1 to 2 years Under 35 years of age; bachelor¡¯s degree


Senior advanced studies

1 year Under 45 years of age; good health; master¡¯s degree or being study for doctor¡¯s degree



Under 55 years of age; good health; professor/associate professor


Bachelor¡¯s degree

4 years Under 25 years of age; good health; high school diploma with good grades


Master¡¯s degree

3 years Under 35 years of age; good health; bachelor¡¯s degree; passing score in master¡¯s entrance exam of this university/graduation from this university with excellent marks and recommendation for admission


Doctor¡¯s degree

3 years Under 40 years of age; good health; master¡¯s degree; references from two professors/associate professors; passing score on doctoral entrance exam of this university



Notes: 1. Chinese is the language of instruction for all categories of students. Therefore, students in categories 2 and 3 and visitors/researchers must be able to comprehend written Chinese materials and to talk with their instructors/colleagues in Chinese. Degree-seeking-students (in categories 5, 6, and 7) are required to have the official results of HSK sent before their applications for admission are considered. A minimum score of Grade C of the Intermediate Level (Grade 6) is required for those majoring in Chinese literature, Chinese history, and Chinese philosophy, and a minimum score of grade C of the Elementary Level (Grade 3) for other majors.

2. Students in category 1 will be organized, based on their Chinese proficiency, into 3 levels of class: elementary, intermediate, and advanced. Those in categories 2, 3, and 4 will engage in advanced studies or research in the departments or institutes they have chosen. Bachelor¡¯s degree-seeking students will find themselves among their Chinese peers. And candidates for master¡¯s and doctor¡¯s degrees will be instructed by professors.

3. Students seeking a bachelor¡¯s degree in science, technology, agriculture, and medicine (including traditional Chinese medicine) are required to pass a proficiency test in mathematics, physics, and chemistry, with a minimum total score of 180; those majoring in economics, trade, and management are required to pass a proficiency test in mathematics, with a minimum score of 60.