man.jpg (10927 bytes)The Campus and the Community

Founded in 1901, Shandong University is a key university directly under the Ministry of Education of the People¡¯s Republic of China and one of the oldest universities that are famous throughout the country. The campus covers a total area of approximately 2 square kilometers, with a total student population of over 10,000 and nearly 1,000 professors and associate professors among the faculty members to provide them with educational guidance. In 1996, the University became one of the institutions of higher learning placed on the National Higher Education Development (¡°211¡±) Project, institutions of higher education to be given priority in state investment for construction.

Shandong University offers a great variety of subjects, and is organized into 14 colleges, namely, the College of Chinese Literature, the College of History and Culture, the College of Law, the College of Economics, the College of Business and Management, the College of Foreign Languages, the College of International Education, the College of International Political and Economic Relations, the College of Social Development and Information Transmission, the College of Mathematics and Systematology, the College of Life Science, the College of Chemistry, the College of Technology and Engineering, and the College of Continuing Education, which include 46 departments encompassing 45 bachelor¡¯s degree-conferring specialities and 65 master¡¯s degree-granting specialities. Of these specialities, Chinese Ancient Literature, Linguistics, Literature and Arts, Science of Classical Chinese Documents, Modern and Contemporary Literature, Comparative Literature, Nationality Linguistics, Chinese Ancient History, Chinese Philosophy, Mathematics, Physics, Materials Science, Microbiology, and Optical and Electronic Engineering offer 25 special fields for Ph.D candidates.

Shandong University has fine scientific research facilities, including an experimental center, an audio-visual teaching center, a computer center, a press, a CATV station, and over 100 research institutes and laboratories. The University library has in its collection 2.2 million volumes of books and more than 5,000 periodicals in Chinese and foreign languages. In addition, there has been in operation a campus computer net, which is connected to the international computer internet system.

Shandong University has established an extensive international relationship in academic exchange and cooperation. It has by now concluded and signed long-term academic exchange and cooperation agreements with over 30 famous universities of America, Japan, Germany, South Korea, and others, and has academic contacts with more than 100 universities and learned societies the world over. Since the 1980s, the University has had a total admission of about 3,000 foreign students from over 30 countries.