bf.jpg (6698 bytes)  Courses for Advanced Studies in Chinese Language

The College of International Education has arranged courses of instruction as well as activities in connection with teaching for advanced studies students.

___Language Training Courses (20 hours/week)___

    Basic Chinese (elementary, intermediate, advanced) / aural-oral Practice / Intermediate Oral Chinese / Advanced Oral Chinese / Performance in Chinese / Introduction to Chinese characters /Composition / Writing in Chinese / Intermediate Listening / Listening to News / Live Audio-visual Practice / Intermediate Reading / Advanced reading / Reading Newspapers and Magazines / Chinese for Economics and Trade / Chinese for Law / Chinese for Science and Technology

___Elective Courses on Culture (4- 6 hours /week)___

    Lecture Series on Classic Chinese Philosophy (confucius and Confucianism, Taoist doctrine, Moist Doctrine, Sunzi and Sunzi on Arts of War, etc.) / Lectures on Classic Chinese Literature / Lecture Series Introducing China / Traditional Chinese Martial Arts / Chinese Painting and Calligraphy / Introduction to Peking Opera / Taiji Boxing and Traditional Chinese Martial Arts / Contemporary Pop Topics

___Field Trips and Culture Tours___

A 10-day period for field trips each year to other parts of the country for teaching purpose.
Culture tours related to the teaching, such as attending the Mount Tai International Mountaineering Festival, the Qufu Confucius-culture festival, and the Xuzhou Han-culture festival, investigating the cultural relics from the Han and the Tang dynasties at XiˇŻan, and visiting the scenic spots and historical monuments at Jinan.