General Introduction of Shandong University

Shandong University(SDU) under the direct supervision of the State Education Commission of China, is a key comprehensive university offering courses both in liberal arts and sciences.

Founded in 1901, SDU is one of the universities with the longest history in China.

The main campuses are located in Jinan, the Capital City of Shandong Province, covering an area of 100 hectares with the floorspace of the buildings amounting to 500,000 square meters.

The current president is Prof. Zeng Fanren.

SDU is comprised of 14 schools, 45 departments, 56 undergraduate specialities, 57 graduate specialities, 17 doctoral specialities and 3 post-doctoral mobile stations. The Mathematics Department, Physics Department, and Chinese Language and Literature Department have been selected by the State Education Commission as the national talent-training bases for the teaching and research of basic disciplines.

SDU has more than 10,000 students on campus, and over 2,000 faculty members, among whom over 1,000 are professors and associate professors.

SDU has established an experimental center, an audio-visual instruction center, a computer center, a University Press, and nearly 100 research institutes and laboratories. Among them, the Crystal Materials Institute and the Fermentation Engineering Laboratory are the key national laboratories. The Colloid and Interface Chemistry Laboratory is a national one opening to the outside world.

The university library houses a collection of over 2.2 million volumes of books, and about 5,000 journals and periodicals in Chinese and other languages.

In recent years, 101 scientific research projects have reached international levels,188 have reached the national levels, and 464 items have received national, provincial and ministerial awards.

SDU has established long-term collegiate relations with 30 famous universities/colleges, respectively in the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, the Republic of Korea, and other countries. It has conducted cultural and educational exchanges and cooperation with over 100 universities and academic organizations in the world.

With the approval of the Ministry of Education (now the State Education Commission), SDU established a branch campus in Weihai, a beautiful coastal city, in 1984. Weihai Branch faces the sea on three sides and the mountains on one side. About 2,000 students are studying on Weihai campus now.


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