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International Academic Exchanges and Cooperation at SDU

SDU has attached great importance to international academic exchanges and cooperation.
(1)SDU has cultural and educational contacts and interchanges with over 100 universities/colleges and scientific and technological organizations in the world. SDU has established long-term fruitful collegiate relations with over 30 universities/colleges, respectively in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Germany, France, Sweden ,Brazil, Sudan, Egypt and other countries, conducting various exchange activities: visiting scholar exchange, student exchange, joint research, cooperative training, publications exchange and so on. SDU has developed its international academic exchanges and cooperation in an active, multi-form, multi-channel and multi-level way.
(2)Since the reform and opening-up, SU has invited over 1,000 long- and short-term foreign experts and scholars to teach, deliver lectures, and conduct joint research. Meanwhile, SDU has sent abroad over 1,500 faculty members and students to pursue further studies, attend international conferences, pay visits and carry on investigations for academic purposes.
(3) SDU has successfully sponsored many important international conferences. (4) SDU has trained over 2,000 long- and short-term foreign students from 32 different countries and regions. The student categories are expanding towards a higher level year after year.

1. Highlighting key points, striving for practical results and laying stress on high-tech cooperation and exchanges
For a long time, SDU has maintained close cooperative relations with the first-class universities/colleges and laboratories in the world and has made outstanding achievements in the field of high technology. For instance, the research on biological nitrogen fixation is one of the key joint projects between SDU and Sydney University in Australia. The achievement is regarded as a milestone in biological nitrogen fixation research in the international biological circle. Over the past 10 years, the Institute of High Energy Physics at SDU has mutually chosen research topics and jointly conduct experiments with the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in the United States, and has succeeded in many projects.

2. Introducing foreign brains to enhance teaching and research
Since 1978, SDU has invited 145 long-term foreign experts and teachers. They directly participate in the teaching and research at SDU and have trained a large number of young and middle-aged excellent teachers, graduates and undergraduates. Foreign experts and teachers have played a special role in updating textbook contents, reforming old subjects, strengthening the construction of weak disciplines, establishing new courses, enhancing the teaching of foreign languages and improving students' overall foreign language levels. SDU has been praised for its success in the administration of foreign experts affairs by the Central and local government, and has been selected as an advanced unit in Shandong Province.

During the past years, over 2,000 short-term foreign experts and scholars have come to SDU to conduct joint research, give lectures and carry on academic investigations. Many famous foreign scholars, such as have elivered lectures and paid visits to SDU. SDU has invited over 100 foreign experts and scholars as its Honorary Professors, Visiting Professors and Advisors, and they have helped greatly to promote the development of teaching and research at SDU.

3. Sponsoring international academic conferences and organizing international academic forums
SDU has sponsored over 20 international academic conferences with more than 1,000 foreign experts and scholars. The conferences have greatly push forward the research at SDU. The success of the conferences displays the traditional advantage in social science and the new development in natural sciences at SDU as well.

4. Acting as an important training base for foreign students
From 1980 on, SDU has trained over 800 long-term foreign students from 32 different countries nd regions, and over 1,000 short-term students. SDU has been chosen as one of the key training bases for foreign students in China.

At present, over 200 long-term foreign students from 20 countries and regions are studying at SDU. They major in 25 specialities in 10 different schools and departments: Chinese Language and Literature, History, Economics, Mathematics and so on. They are classified as language students, undergraduates, graduates and doctoral students. The student categories are expanding towards a higher level year after year.

Honorary Professors of SDU

(arranged in the order of invitation time)

1. K. G. Chang
 Academician of National Academy of Sciences in USA
  Professor at Harvard University
2. D. Drazic	
 Academician of Yugoslavia Academy of Sciences, 
 Professor at Belgrade University
3. Lloyd Barber	
  former President and Professor at University of Regina
4. Wan Kyoo Cho	
  former Minister of Education of Korea
  former President of Seoul University
5. Suyin Han	
  World-famous British writer
6. W. H. Miller	
  Professor at California State University
7. Yinnan Chiu	
  Professor at Katharine University, USA
8. Jun-Yop Kim	
  Chairman of Institute of Social Sciences in Korea
  Chairman of Dae Woo Educational Foundation
9. Samuel Chao Chung Ting
  World-famous Physicist in USA
10.Hans G. Danielmeyer
   Former Senior Vice President of Siemens AG
11.Gregory C. Chow
   Professor of Economics , Princeton University , USA


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