1. Ancient Chinese Literature
The academic research in Ancient Chinese Literature, having acquired national importance in the fifties, still holds a great lead in the country. There are outstanding scholars with both national and international reputations in the study of every stage of the history of Ancient Chinese Literature .
2. Contemporary Chinese Literature
The research groups in this area are well arranged and the research potentiality is proved to be very powerful .There have been getting national influences in the study of Novels , Poetry and Songs ,Literary Tendencies, the Works by Famous Writers and Comparative Literature.
3. Literary and Artistic Aesthetics & Theory
This research area covers Literary and Artistic Aesthetics, Literary and Artistic Theory, History of Literary Criticism and Chinese and Foreign Aesthetic Values. The research group is perfectly organized and has formed a solid basis in the study.
4. Chinese Language
Though this research area majors itself in Modern Chinese Language, there arises a powerful study in Ancient Chinese and the History of Chinese Language. Of the Chinese Language, the Chinese Vocabulary study headed by Prof. Ge Benyi and Chinese Word Application and dialect research headed by Prof. Qian Zenyi have exerted great influence all over the country.
5 The Study on Ancient Chinese Books
The Study on Ancient Chinese Books has got a rapid development recently, and taken totally 30 projects planed by the State Commission of Education and Shandong Provincial Government, and has proved to be fruitful.
6. Ancient Chinese History
This research area has a well-organized group and a rational structure, including the Origin of Chinese Civilization, the War History of Chinese Farmers, Chinese Ancient Economy, the History of Chinese Relations with Foreign Countries and Qi-Lu Local Culture, etc.
7. Modern Chinese History
The main research areas include the History of Modern Economy and YiHeTuan Movement. The study on YiHeTuan Movement has exerted a significant influence both in China and abroad. The National Society for the Study of YiHetuan Movement is attached to Shandong University, and this University has also established a Center for the Study of YiHeTuan Movement.
8. Archaeology
During the past years, Archaeology has been remarkably developed, and borne rich fruits. After the discovery of LongShan Culture, the cultural relics of Yinjia City in Sishui and DingGong in ZouPing have already been unearthed, and proed to be the very important discoveries in these years. The writings on the pottery-sheds, which backdates the written history of Chinese people by about 800 years, was regarded as the first important archaeological discovery of 1992. The excavations at Xianren
Tai in 1995 and Shuanglu Feng in 1996 in Changqing County were also placed among the 10 great new discoveries. The main research area covers the Theory of Archaeology, On-the-spot Excavation and Archaeology in Plastic Sculpture, etc.
9. World History
The main research areas include Canadian History, American History and German History of which, the study on Canadian History has got national importance.
10. Oriental Philosophy
The main topics are Japanese Philosophy, Arabic Philosophy and Jewish Philosophy.
11. The History of Western Philosophy
12. The History of Chinese Philosophy
13. Study on the Problems in Social Development
14. Consumptive Economy
This research area hold a position of academic importance in the country.
15.Theory of Socialist Economy
16. Commercial Economy
17. Comparative Administration
18. Scientific Socialism
This research area covers a series of topics such as the Theory of Scientific Socialism, the History of Socialist Movements, the Problems in Contemporary Socialism, the History of the Chinese Communist Party and the Administration of Party's Affairs.
19.The Theory of Law
This research area includes such topics as the History of Legal System, Jurisprudence, etc.
20. Applied Sociology
21. Foreign Language & Literature
The main topics involved in this research area are British & American literature, Japanese Literature, the Literature of Russia & the Soviet Union, etc.