The Weihai Branch of Shandong University

The Department of Chinese Language and Literature

The speciality of Chinese Language and Literature (including Journalism) is offered in this department. Main courses are as follows: Introduction to Literature, Introduction to Aesthetics, Introduction to Linguistics, History of Classical Chinese Literature, History of Modern Chinese Literature, Contemporary Chinese Literature, Foreign Literature, Classical Chinese Language, Modern Chinese Language, Composition, Introduction to Journalism, Interviewing and News Writing, Journalist Criticism, Science of Newspaper Editing, Office Automation and so on.

The Department of Economics

The speciality of Finance is opened with the following main courses: Political Economy, Monetary Banking, Principles of Accounting, Finance and Taxation, National Budget, Taxation Management, Industrial Accounting, Commercial Accounting, Auditing, Statistics, Computer Application in Financial Undertakings.

The Department of Electronic System Engineering

The main courses are: Mathematics for Engineering, Electronic Equipment and Mechanic Drawing, Systematic Engineering, Principles of Automation, Basics of Electronic Circuits, Analog Electronic Circuits, Digital Circuits, Principles of Computers, Computer System, Computer Language and Program Design, Software Engineering, Database, Computer Communication and Network, Signal and System, Computer Aided Analysis of Circuits, Computer Aided Analysis of Power System, Communication System, Television Technology, and so on.

In addition, optional courses are offered in the department, such as Data Collection and Processing, Computerized System, Computer Aided Analysis of Circuits and Power Network.

The Department of Computer Science

More than 30 courses are offered in the Department: English, Advanced Mathematics, Mathematics for Engineering, Electronic Technology, Principles of Computer Composition, Discrete Mathematics, Advanced Program Design, Data Structure, Operation System, Principles of Translating and Editing, Automatic Control, Computer Control, Computer Drawing, Principles of Accessory Equipments, Principles of Database, and Computer Network.

The Department of Foreign Languages

In the speciality of English, the following courses are offered: Basic English (including Intensive Reading, Extensive Reading, Oral English, Audio-visual English), English Composition, Linguistics, History of English Literature, Bilingual Translation, and Second Foreign Languages. The elective courses are: Business English, English for Science and Technology, English for Tourism, Introduction to British and American Societies, Selected Readings in British and American Literature, and Practical English Writings.


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