”īCampus area: 3.8 square kilometers

”īCampus building floor space area: over 1,100,000 square meters

”īLibrary collection: 3,550,000 volumes

”īColleges: 30

”īResearch institutes (Centers): 21

”īAffiliated and teaching hospitals: 15

”ī Laboratories: 100

”īNational key academic subjects & labs: 8

”īNational engineering and technology promotion center: 1

”īNational basic scientific research and personnel development bases: 4

”īNational social science key research bases: 3

”īDoctoral degree programs: 118

”īPost-doctorate mobile stations: 9

”īMaster”Æs degree programs: 199

”īProfessional master degree programs: 7

(Law, industrial and commercial management, engineering, clinical

medicine, public health,dentistry and public administration)

”īAcademic disciplines offering master degree programs : 10

(Philosophy, economics, law, literature, history, natural sciences,

engineering, management,medical studies and education)

”īNumber of employees: 10,052

”īProfessors: 902

”īMembers of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of

”īEngineering: 23(including adjunct academicians)

”īPhD student supervisors: 424

”īFulltime students: 45,000

”īUndergraduate students: 35,000

”īGraduate students: 10,000