Aptly located in Shandong Province, the home of Confucius, Shandong University (SDU) is still imbued with vigor and vitality at 100 years old. It has come a long way since its establishment as Shandong Grand School in 1901, and is today a omprehensive university that is directly supervised by the Ministry of Education. During its first hundred years, the university has contributed greatly to national revitalization, concentrated talents from all over the world and graduated many who are now the pillars of our society.


  Over time it has nurtured a tradition that not only combines people- centered ttitudes with academic excellence, but encourages a truth-seeking and pioneering spirit. Shandong University has made its own unique contributions to national economic and social development, as well as to cultural and academic exchanges throughout the world.

  July 2000 witnessed the merger of Shandong University with Shandong Medical University and Shandong University of Technology, resulting in the emergence of a new, larger scale Shandong University with enhanced strength and expanded academic disciplines. In the October of 2001, Shandong University celebrated its first centennial. In honor of the occasion, President Jiang Zemin wrote an inscription. Now, with support from the Ministry of Education and Shandong Provincial government, Shandong University greets what it hopes will be the advent of another golden age. The practice of a student and faculty centered administration, orientation toward academics, the inspired responsibility of searching for scientific truth, ervingsocialprogress, and preserving open strategies for development consistent with new situations in higher education, are imparting to the university¨s renewed and vigorous energy.

  Humanity has stepped across the threshold of the 21st century. Higher education is confronted with both unprecedented opportunities and unprecedented challenges. We can never take command in the development of higher education unless we make an unrelenting effort to reform and innovate, and to participate actively in social and economic advancement. Having stepped into its second century, Shandong University seeks to temper its personality, bringing to its educational and cultural character an ever-more open mind and an always-ongoing pursuit of excellence.

  This is the spirit in which we shall mold the ethical and academic character of our university. We will warmly welcome talents from all over the world, forge wide-ranging friendships from everywhere, and pursue our goals with undiluted and cooperative efforts.