The School of Foreign Languages

Dean: Prof. Li Yanfu
Professors .......................11
Associate Professors .............36
Lecturers .........................50
Students .........................665
-  Undergraduates ........513
-  M.A. Candidates .......86

English Department I

Specialities/degrees and courses offered
British and American Language and Literature
(B. A. , M.A. )
English (Dpl.)

The department focuses on both teaching and research in the following fields: English language Teaching , English -Chinese/ Chinese - English Translation, English Literature , functional Styles of English , English Linguistics , American Literature. Required courses include: Basic English (including Intensive Reading, Extensive Reading, Oral English, Audio-visual English), Composition, English Linguistics, History of English Literature, Readings in British and American Literature, Translation, and Second foreign Languages .

English Department II

The Department is primarily teaching-oriented concentrating on the teaching of basic English to non-English majors in the university, and has no enrollment of its own.

The Department of Oriental Languages

Specialities/degrees and courses offered
Korean Language and Literature (B.A.)
Japanese Language and Literature (B.A.)
Japanese (Dpl.)

Students enrolled in Korean Language and Literature study for five years. Japanese, the second foreign language, is more emphasized in this speciality than in others. Teaching and research are undertaken in the following fields: Korean Language and Literature, Korean for Economy and Trade, Korean for Tourism. Major courses include: Intensive Reading, Extensive Reading, Spoken Korean, Korean Grammar, Translation between Korean and Chinese, Korean Literature, Korean Writing, Introduction to Korea, Korean for Economy and Trade, Korean for Tourism, Selected Readings in Korean Press, Japanese. Major courses for Japanese speciality : Intensive Reading, Extensive Reading, Conversation, Audio-visual Japanese, Grammar, Translation, General Introduction to Japanese Literature, Composition , and Second foreign Languages .

The Department of Western Languages

Specialities/degrees and courses offered
French (B.A.)
German (B.A.)

The French speciality undertakes teaching and research activities in three fields: French Language, International Commerce and International Finance. Students are enrolled for five years of schooling. The second foreign language is English. The following courses are offered: Basic French, Basic English, Culture of French-speaking and English-speaking Countries and Regions, Language Skills, International Commerce and Finance (conducted in French and English), Basic Computer Science.

The Russian Department

Specialities/degrees and courses offered
Russian Language and literature (B.A./M.A.)
Teaching and research activities are undertaken in the following fields: Russian Language, Russian Literature, Russian for Economy and Trade, Russian for Tourism, Russian for Science and Technology, Practical Translation. Required courses include: College Chinese, Russian, Translation, Rhetoric, History of Russian Literature, Selected Readings in Russian Science and Technology, Introduction to Russia, Second Foreign Languages.

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