The School of Industrial & Business Management

Dean : Prof. Zhao Jinghua

Professors .........................4
Associate Professors ...............18
Lecturers ..........................29
Students ..........................830
-  Undergraduates... .....751
-  M.A. Candidates .......24
The primary objective of the School is to foster qualified students who not only study the theories and techniques of modern business management, but also master the knowledge of managerial strategies. It is composed of four departments and five specialties for undergraduates and master degree students .

The School has two institutes: Institute of Comparative Management, and Institute of Enterprise and Market. Both of them are engaged in national and provincial research programs, and often conduct cooperative research with relevant industrial and commercial enterprises.

The Department of Business Management

Specialities/degrees and courses offered
International Enterprise Management (B. A.)
Management of National Economy (B.A.)
Business Management( M.A.)

Major courses: International Enterprise Management, Management of Joint Ventures, International Marketing, Theory and Practice of International Trade Management Accounting, Finance and Accounting in International Enterprises, International Finance, International Business Law, International Business Negotiation, International Business Practices, World Economy and Politics, Management Comparison between Different Countries, Production Management, Organization Behaviors, Stock Company and Securities Investment, Monetary Banking, Western Economics, Advanced Mathematics, Management System Engineering

The Department of Economic Information Management

Specialities/degrees and courses offered
Management Science ( B. A.)
Economic Information Management (Dpl.)

Major courses : Western Economics, Advanced Mathematics, Probability and Managerial Statistics, Operation Research, Econometrics, Business Management, Marketing, Basic Accounting, International Trade, International Trade Settlement, International Marketing, Foreign Trade Accounting, Quality Control and ISO9000, Introduction to Computer, Principles of Microcomputer, Data Structure, Database, Programming Language, Pascal Programming Language, MIS, and English for Foreign Trade.

The Department of Marketing

Specialities/degrees and courses offered
Marketing ( B. A.)

It involves two areas of specialization: Marketing Management and International Marketing. The major courses are: Marketing, International Marketing, Political Economy, Western Economics, Business Management, Monetary Banking, Accounting, Statistics, Economic Law, Merchandising, Market Forecast and Decision-making, Consumers' Psychology, Promotion Techniques, Business Negotiation, Advertisement, Public Relations, International Trade, International Finance, Transaction of Import and Export, Pricing Strategy, International Business Law, and Business English.

The Department of Accounting

Specialities/degrees and courses offered
Accounting (B.A.)

The major courses are: Western Economics, Basic Accounting, Finance, Accounting, Management Accounting, Cost Accounting, Bank Accounting, Foreign Trade Accounting, Financial Management,Auditing, Business Management, Finance, Economic Law, Advanced Mathematics, Probability and Management Statistics, Database Management System, System Analysis and Design, Accounting Information System, Financial Software, and English in Accounting .