Department of Operations Research and Statistics

This department is originated from the OR group at Shandong University, one of the famous OR group in China. The department concentrated on the education of OR and Statistics, it has full program for bachlor, master and Ph.d degree.

Five handred university studens and nearly sixty graduate students have graduated from this department, all of them have found good work in university, resarch institute, government unit, army unit and financial department. The department also pay attention to science research, each of the faculty memebers is active in some reseach fields.

The research covers, the application of OR in economy, combinatorica optimization, graph theory and its application, the combinatorical topology and its application in discrete mathematics, linear and nonlinear programming,inner point algorithm, experimental mathematics, financial mathematics, applied statistics.

The department enjoied the coporation with outside. We has set up tide academic relation with the institute of mathematics and system science, institute of applied mathematics, of the China Science Academy, and we also have coperation relation with Chinese University of Hong Kong, Jihui University and other universities in China. Each year, we invite forgein scholar to visite us and we also send our teachers to do research in aborad. Seven of us visited America, Canada,and some other countries.

The department welcome all those who are interested in OR and Statistics come here visiting, studing,and doing research or just taking a look.We spcially welcome the people with Ph.d degree in statistics come to joining us.

Faculty member: Xie Litong Professor
Liu Guizhen Professor, Chairman, email:
Liu Jiazhuang Professor
Fang Zuyao Professor
Diao Zaijun Associate Professor
Qiu Guangyin Associate Professor
Long Heping Associate Professor
Fan Hongbing Associate Professor
Chen Zengjing Associate Professor
Xu Baogang Lecture
Hu Fasheng Lecture
Li Guojun Professor