Department Of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics is one of the major departments in the School of Mathematics and System Science at the Shandong University and awards degrees in a wide variety of fields including the number theory, functional analysis, topology, differential equations, complex analysis, differential geometry and complex approsimation.

The Department of Mathematics is a center of national note devoted to training and research in the pure mathematics. Its primary function is educational, at a level where the educational process naturally includes research intended to contribute are initiated by the staff, and the results are published in many prestigious scholar journals in the world.

The scienific excellence of the department has been recognized nationwide. One of the faculty, Professor Pan Chengdong, has been elected to membership of the Chinese National Academy of Science. Many prizes and honors, such as the National Prize of Natural Sciences, First Class, Prizes of Science and Technology Progress of Shandong Province, Prizes of the Chinese Educational Committee, have been awarded in recent years to members of the department.

There are 26 indivivuals on the staff of the department. Among them, 11 are full professors, 12 are associate professors.

Number Theory Group in Shandong University

Listed below are supervisors of doctoral graduate students.

Pan Chengdong
President of the University.
Number Theory.

Zhan Tao
Vice President of the University
Number Theory.

Jiang Shouli
Vice Director of the School of Mathematics and System Science; Chairman of the Department of Mathematics.

Guo Dajun
Functional Analysis, Nonlinear Analysis.

Yi Hongxun
Complex Analysis.

Chen Shaozhu
Differential Equations.

Sun Jingxian
Functional Analysis.

Wang Wei
Number Theory.

Listed below are the other professors of the department of mathematics.

Zhang Peixuan(Professor)
Complex Analysis.

Zhou Detang(Professor)
Differential Geometry.

Li Hongze(Professor)
Number Theory.

Yang Lianzhong(associate Professor)
Vice Chairman of the Department of Mathematics.
Complex Analysis.

Liang Fanghao (associate Professor)
Functional Analysis.

Mu Lehua(associate Professor)
Complex Approximation.

Cao Huizhong (associate Professor)
Number Theory.

Liu Zhaoli (associate Professor)
Functional Analysis.

Hu Peichu (associate Professor)
Complex Analysis.

Wang Xiaoyun (associate Professor)
Number Theory.

Zhang Xunhua (associate Professor)